Seminar: Be Comfortable With and Excited About Your Faith

Do you have questions about the Bible, or about your beliefs, or about other faiths as compared to your faith?

Enjoy a full one-day seminar of all the things you ever wanted to know about Christianity but were afraid to ask. Have you ever wondered why The Lord’s Prayer says “lead us not into temptation”? Have you ever wondered what the Islam beliefs and Christian beliefs have in common and their major differences. These are some of the topics for open discussion.

The Rev. Dr. Mark D. Isaacs is holding a one-day conference with an open, informative, and sometimes humorous but exciting and enlightening day. A wonderful opportunity for Bible study groups.

What we are About

First and foremost we love and worship God!  We are a Christ-centered, ELCM (Evangelical Lutheran Conference and Ministerium) Church.  We are also a very mission and ministry oriented church. 

Our primary mission is to bring Christ to everyone, today and everyday, not just on Sunday mornings.  

Jesus' mission fields begin once we drive out of the parking lot of the church.

There is opportunity for all to participate in activities that support Jesus' missions and ministries of Christ Lutheran Church.  

We have multiple ministry teams that complement and support Jesus in and for our community.

  • Building
  • Capital
  • Christian Education
  • Fellowship
  • Finance
  • Outreach
  • Nurture Ministry
  • Social Ministry 
  • Worship & Music

This provides a variety of levels to become involved in Jesus' missions and ministries in our community.

Service Times

 8:00 am Traditional Worship with Holy Communion 

  9:30 am Contemporary Worship with Holy Communion 

 11:00 am Traditional Worship with Holy Communion

After services Followship with coffee and cookies

Listen to weekly sermons

Week of 12/9/2018


Second Sunday of Advent


8:00 am Traditional Worship with Holy Communion

9:30 am Contemporary Worship with Holy Communion

11:00 am Traditional Worship with Holy Communion

9am-4pm Cookie Bake Sale @ Market of Marion


9:30 am-1:30 pm Quilting Circle

9:30 am Capital Mtg @ Office

4:30 pm Council Mtg

6:00 pm Girl Scouts


8:30 am Worship Set-up

10:00 am Choir Rehearsal


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