At 9:37 A.M. today July 9, 2019 the Steeple was raised and placed on the roof of Gods House at 15699 SE 80th Street.  It is not just a building any longer . It is a Church !  Christ Lutheran Church.

Because We are Jesus Strong 


Vicki Carmel awarded Tree of Llife


On October 8th, Vicki Carmel was awarded a “Tree of Life” in appreciation for making Christ Lutheran Website and Facebook page.

Adreonna Rodriguez Vicki Carmel's granddaughter singing Jesus Loves Me.


Pr. Niels Carlsen - Tree of Life

Pr. Niels Carlsen - Tree of Life

“Tree of Life” is presented to Pr. Niels. The plaque has 2 leaves on

it, one with Pr. Niels' name and one with Pr. Dave's. A duplicate plaque was placed on the Altar on July 30th. L to R: JoAnne Carlsen, Pr. Niels Carlsen, Tom Taylor, and Bonnie Taylor

Girl Scout Troop 43921 Bridging Ceremony ­ May 21st


The Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony on Sunday, May 21st, was a wonderful event. The girls were so glad some CLC leaders and parishioners attended. Vicki Carmel made a beautiful cake. Shylah Bishop earned her Brownie Wings, the greatest award a Brownie can get. Aida Buckman received a bronze patch and star, the highest award a junior can get. Kelly Hatherway said a prayer led by Pastor Dave. Of the 22 girls in the troop, 9 bridged over to the next level.